August 14, 2008

Wee bit o' background

I am a twenty-something single girl who loves to write. I write solely for myself. I find it incredibly therapeutic. I could be completely and utterly confused about a situation and just the simple act of sitting down and flushing out the randomness that is in my head leads me to my conclusion. Usually. I pay no attention to punctuation being used correctly, (so I apologize in advance if the lack of expertise annoys some readers), spelling, or tenses. I just write. Wow, I just assumed people will actually read this.

Once upon a time I used to write by hand. Journaling I always called it simply because I loathe the term diary. Ugh. I felt writing by hand was so much more personal than typing away at a keyboard. Well, I've since put that theory to rest and type all of my brain dumps onto my laptop. Honestly, if a thought hits me and I'm at work type it up in an email and send it to myself then transfer it over later. If I'm nowhere near a computer I pull out my Palm and type whatever I'm thinking into the memos section. It's weird, I know, but it's what I do.

So I've been journaling in Microsoft word for over a year now and I guess I'm ready to take the next step and put it all out there. Why not, ya know? The thing is, I thought I'd start where the document on my computer starts so the first entries I post are going to be old. I will bring it all up to date so I can eventually start blogging about present day. For a bit this blog will be a mix of journal entries, quotes, song lyrics, photos, etc. Anything that catches my eye really. Hence, sheer randomness.

Tiny tidbit, names of men have been changed in an attempt to remain anonymous. The Ex will always be referred to as such; The Ex. (I think this is my subconscious not wanting him to somehow telepathically feel pleasure/know that I am writing/thinking about him. I apologize in advance if this causes confusion but let's be serious, whose life isn't confusing?

"How can I know what I think unless I see what I write? My writing is the submarine or spaceship which takes me to the unknown worlds within my head. And the adventure is endless and inexhaustible. If I learn to build the right vehicle, then I can discover even more territories."
-Erica Jong

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