August 18, 2008

Random update

July 25, 2008

So I was supposed to be taking a fabulous, leisurely vacation to the Outer Banks (somewhere I've always heard wonderful things about but never been), with my friend Jen and her family. Oh, why I'm not going is quite the long story. Anyway, I'm not going. Instead I will be taking a leisurely stay-cation. Staying at home.

In other news, I've talked to Ken here and there. He's all "depressed" and "upset" he says. He's left me songs on my voice mail (yes, songs on my voice mail), and keeps saying how much he misses me. He asked me to dinner this Wednesday, I said yes but then canceled. He asked me to come out last night too and I said no. I don't know about him. Figuring it out.

Finally heard from Jimmy yesterday after not speaking for about five days. That may not sound like a long time but it is the longest we have gone without speaking or seeing each other. This happened after I confronted him after hearing that he had been dating some girl named "Jez." Given, this is perfectly allowed but he loved to give me a hard time about guys, all the while it seems he was doing his own thing anyway. Typical double standard.

He texted me. Be prepared, I am now going to document our text message conversation after he had no defense about seeing someone else, possibly while we were together. He simply said, "What’s up." I said, "Nothing." Then he said, again, "What’s up, I'm with my boss and can't really talk. You miss me?" (Gag me). I said, "Can't miss you because I’m pissed at you" And he said, "Why! I told you I get even. And you do miss me." (GAG ME). And I said, "EW, you're a jerk. Guess you got even then. Whatever. I'm done." (YEA!) So then he shaped up and was like "I promise I didn't do it to be mean, you were talking to Ken. I still miss you." And I was not backing down so I said "You get mad at me for the same shit you do and talk about how honest you are and I'M the liar but that's not true. And if you missed me, you would’ve called earlier." And he wrote, "Wow you are mad at me! You never talk to me like this!" And I said, "Well, I tried with you and cut people off, but I'm done now" And then he was like, "No you didn't now you're lying, that’s bullshit, you even told me you didn't so why are you lying to me right now" And I was just like, "Whoa, I never said I didn't, I said I did and I did. But it's all whatever." And then he called me. Ugh. He said he talked to that girl while I was talking to Ken and did tell me about her. He had told me about a girl that he had met but he also said that they were just friends. I'm not stupid, so I knew it was probably more than that. Whatever, I don't know. I told him whatever. Then he started talking about work because he was all upset thinking he was going to get fired. He got in a fight with his boss and all. I have no idea what's going on there, but I'm done trying. I'm done calling him or starting anything.

The Ex is The Ex and I need to ease up in talking to him. Seriously. He's a mess still talking to that psycho ex of his and some other girl too. The other girl who he "doesn't even really like" recently told him she loved him and he said it back while drunk, but he doesn't mean it. Right. Whatever. He's a hot mess and he'll always be a hot mess. No progress to speak of so I got to bow out of that.

I have my very own Domestic Violence police officer lady who calls me and checks in on me about the John situation. Classy. She checks to see if he's been picked up and said I can call her 24hrs, anytime. They even have a car drive by my street routinely, very nice. I heard from John Sunday and his dad emailed me Monday. He still hasn't been arrested.

And wow, that's my life in a nutshell.

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