July 17, 2009

These are my confessions

I must confess, I’ve been keeping something from you my friends. This is probably already clear considering my cryptic previous post. Whelp, I'm here to shed a wee bit of light.

I’ve been seeing someone during my one-month hiatus and it just got serious. We’ve decided to move in together. We almost made the leap this time a year ago but I freaked out and renewed my lease at the last minute. Now, I’m so ready and so excited.

(My fear came from having lived with The Ex once before and it obviously not working out. Three years later, I’m over that fear. Not to mention, over The Ex ruling my life's decisions).

I’ve been living by myself for three years and I’ve loved it but I gotta admit, I’m excited to come home to someone, go grocery shopping with someone and just do nothing with someone. Guess that means I’m finally ready! Wish me luck!

July 15, 2009

When the Santa Ana winds blow

I once heard from a critically-acclaimed, timeless, classic movie that when the Santa Ana winds blow, anything can happen.

OK, maybe it was the star-studded cast of The Holiday, but hey, I love that movie and in my DVD library, it's a classic.

My point? I may be on the East Coast, but I'm willing to bet those winds are whipping up a storm over there. Pure clarity has entered my life and replaced the hoards of doubt. Drastic changes are occurring and I could not be happier about them.

Winds, just keep on blowing.