September 8, 2010

Sweet Victory!

In the past...and I mean waaaay back, I mentioned my love for a certain author and her travel memoir that stole my heart. Laura Fraser, An Italian Affair. I stalked her webpage on and off for years since her debut in 2001, holding onto the glimmer of hope she would write another book. Alas, she has.

All Over the Map is out and I can't wait to get my hot little hands on it!

Coupled Conundrum

It's been silent around here for over a year. What I have been doing during the past year? Co-habitating. And other business as usual.

Is it normal that I feel a lack of inspiration to write when I am coupled up? The majority of the writing I did in the past was on rainy days, late nights, cold nights or during the random times a thought would hit me I would feel the need to flush out. All when I was living alone. Solitary me stroking away at my lap top. If the subject of everything I wrote about was being single, I could see how I'd stumble upon a lack of material...but that wasn't the case. At least not entirely.

These days, there's always something to do at the house. The three dogs can be a legitimate three-ring circus. If I'm not cleaning, I'm reading, gardening, cooking, hanging out with the boy, running errands or stealing time with the girls. Rarely do I sit motionless or find time that the house is silent for me to think creatively and write.

I miss it. I read back on my old posts and at times find myself missing the quiet solitary life I once led. I am happy where I am, don't get me wrong, but there is something pretty great about being on one's own. I highly recommend it.

I'm hoping my writing makes a come back as I embark on a life change in the next few months. I do realize I may have to change the name of this blog because, well, it's basically false advertising. I may still get into a pickle now and again, I'm still me of course, but I'm not out in the big, bad dating world anymore. Oooh, and my about me section may have to change as unfortunately, I'm about to be out of my twenties. Oy.