December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday! Wishing you all the very best.

Now gear up for 24hrs of A Christmas Story!

p.s. I didn't forget my promise.

December 23, 2008


I have followers! Yipee! Thank you for following, followers. Now I feel pretty guilty for having neglected this blog for so long. WOMP.

I promise to remind myself to attempt to update. Specifically over the holiday where I will have no excuse not to. Half-day of work tomorrow + no work again until Jan 5th = lots of free time to blog.

In the meantime...sneak peek:

The drink date with the new boy went well. Second date the following Monday - not so well. To make a long story short, dinner and possible movie turned into movie at my place. Lame. Yes, I realize the economy blows, it's the holidays and money is scarce. But come on. He's attempted numerous "movie nights" since and a "let's meet up out." Seriously? What's with the laziness of some guys?! We're not falling into movies and cuddling until we've gone on a few dates, bud. No kissing, no nada so at least that's in tact. I don't care, I'm being picky and hard on the next guy. If you can't stick it out, see ya!

(I feel a lil' better now).

Tonight, exchanging gifts with a good friend. Can't wait!

Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!


December 10, 2008



Almost 3 months ago to the day I instituted a dating hiatus. If I'm being totally honest, (which I always am here if no where else), I thought it would be harder to keep than it was. Regardless, dating hiatus is coming to a close. This occurs simultaneously with my attempt to come out of hibernation....hmm, may be interesting.

I'm in no way on the prowl. I'm simply open to dating whereas I was closed before. And, whelp, I actually have a drink date tomorrow night. Just drinks. Ease myself back into the pool. The eager dater has already asked for a dinner date for Friday night, but whoa, let's see how drinks go first, buddy. (I actually said that in a joking manner. Totally serious though). Luckily my friends birthday is today so I told him I wasn't sure if she'd want to do something over the weekend since her birthday is during the week. That will be my out if tomorrow's drinks are a bust.

I'll be sure to report here. Who knows, I may be the groundhog again. One date and I'm back in the hole! We'll see :)

December 7, 2008


I'm still in hibernation. I keep thinking the end is near, but then it f's around and snows on the night I made plans to go out. It's like Groundhog Day and I'm the groundhog. Just when I think I'm ready to come out of hiding, the temperature drops, a flake falls and I scurry back inside and throw on my slippers. Shew, that was a close one. One more weekend of movies and sweats.

I'd like to say I feel like a loser, but I'm incredibly content. In the back of my mind I worry. That nagging voice says, "How are you ever going to meet anyone if you don't get out there?" Then I remember that maybe I don't really want to meet someone? Who knows. There is certainly no shortage of guys texting me all weekend to see what I'm doing. Old guys. Guys I've test driven and left at the lot.

Anyway. It's frigid outside so I'm inside. I decorated me wee little tree last night and it looks adorably precious I must say. I've discovered a new addiction, OMGSH, I'm hooked. I post an obnoxious amount of things. Sorry tumblr world for my spamming.