April 14, 2009

Tuesday shmoozday

I'm so excited for the weekend. Which is bad, because it's only Tuesday. But good because the anticipation for it is keeping me in a good mood despite the horrid "spring" weather outside. It's rainy and all around icky out there but I don't care. The weekend is going to be glorious. Weather and company that is.

My younger cousin is recently single and I'm so happy for her new-found independence. She needed to go out there and get it. I never told her this, mind you, but I'm basking in her happiness and totally excited for her. And whelp, I'm ready to do my part and take her out so we can get into some serious trouble together; old school style. Well, maybe new school. Oh, back in the day I would stuff her bra and do her make up so she could get into the 18 and up clubs. She was 12. Those were the days.

So she's packing a bag and coming to my place Friday and I'm just downright giddy about it. I'm thinking dinner and drinks...lotsa drinks...and dancing. Not to mention some 70 degree weather. Love.

This Sunday I have another 5K race. Reach Out and Run (ROAR) to benefit Hopewell Cancer Support. I'm pretty excited and totally ready.

So Saturday I'll be sure to fully recoup via brunch with my cuz, some DVD watching (I plan to have Vicky Christina Barcelona in my possession), picking up my race pack, hitting up Loehmanns for some new jeans (I have a $25 reward certificate) and relaxing with the pooch.

Oh weekend, just get here please. Now what to wear....?

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