April 15, 2009


Maybe I’m the last one on God's green Earth to figure this out, but I don’t care because I just did. I’ve finally discovered how to hide people from your news feed on Facebook and I'm thanking the almighty Lord for this discovery of bountiful proportions.

Finally, no more infestations on my homepage of The Ex and his new girlfriend at a wedding or on a lovely trip. I’ve officially hidden all the people who could do this to me, including his sisters.

Yes, I understand I could just not accept their friendship but these people are/were mutual friends of ours. I’m too nice to reject people.

So alas, our friendship is intact yet I never have to see what you do, what you post, what you say.


*This discovery occurred after yet another, facebook attack today. Different friend, different event, same feeling of sickness in my stomach and anger everywhere else. God, I need to get over this anger.

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