April 8, 2009


I deleted my myspace account the VERY second I saw my ex's new girlfriend (who he denied he was even interested in as he made feeble attempts to get back with me), posted a picture of them two on her page. Her page wasn't private and I know myself. Me, being the emotional masochist that I am, would check back for new, updated, cute pictures of the happy couple and make myself feel like shit. This was back in November. I did not even think twice. Delete account. Delete. Confirm, delete. Myspace makes it so freaking hard to delete your account it's ridiculous. You need a secret code AND handshake before they'll let you out the door. Well this girl followed through.

I kept my facebook account because I had different circles of friends on there and those I was worried would possibly allow me to catch a glimpse of something I wouldn't want to see, weren't on there. Until now. God knows you can't eat a sandwich while logged in without facebook alerting every friend you have.

Now, everyone and their great uncle are joining facebook and I'm not liking it. I'm getting worried. It was just now, today, that on my lovely 3-year stretch of ex-free, unblemished homepage was broken when a new friend of mine, a new joiner of facebook, posted a collection of pictures that included The Ex's latest trip to Vegas with the girlfriend. Now going on 5 months. Of course I looked. More than once. God fucking damnit. I don't want to delete my facebook account, but I'm thinking I may have to. If I want to live a semi-normal life. I thought about just deleting those specific friends, or not accepting their friendship when they requested. But I just couldn't, even though I knew what doors it would force open.

I'd say, how do guys get over things so quickly? Except it's been 3 years this July since we broke up. I'm just a fucking ridiculous retard.

Don't get me wrong, I haven't been pining for him daily for the past 3 years. But God, I'm not taking trips with guys and this is his second girlfriend since me that he's been this serious with. I'm pathetic. This is not news.

In other, totally unrelated news, if you have yet to check out futureme.org, you should do it. It's a very cool site where you can write an email to yourself that will be sent to you in the future. I did this, apparently exactly one year ago today because I got an email from past me today. Past me made present me cry. I highly recommend giving it a shot and then forgetting that you did. Check out mine.

Subject line: Eternally Hopeful.

Dear FutureMe,

Hey girl. So I hope this email finds you well...also, I hope you completely forgot that you wrote it and it catches you by total and utter surprise.

I guess what I'm feeling for you right now is a lot of hope. I know that I, present day you, am the one who needs to make the moves in order for you (future you), to have accomplished all that I hope for you, so I just hope that I freaking do it! Before I get carried away, let me be more specific about what exactly I'm hopeful for.

I am hopeful for you. And just you. Not anyone in your life, but you. I hope you stopped coasting and are doing something that is challenging you. I hope you're happy doing it, but more so, I hope you're learning, advancing in your career. I hope you've scratched some more things off of that list of things to do by the time you're 30 cause girl, you're seriously close now! I hope that whatever is going on with Josh has been figured out, be it good or bad, and you've either moved forward together or moved on. I don't care if you're single or not. You're fabulous either way and it does not matter. I'm sure that if you are single that you're happy that way. If you're not single, I hope you've learned how to keep yourself in tact while being a part of a couple. It's rough for you, I know that. Just don't forget how important you and what you want are. I hope you've gotten over some of the hurt and betrayal that's been sticking with you the past couple years and trusting isn't so difficult for you.

I hope Otis is happy and doing well! He loves you, you are his world, you know? I hope you're happy with you're living situation! I would love it if you'd bought a house but understand if you haven't yet. You've done some great things in regard to housekeeping your finances but you're not ideal just yet. I hope you've been able to keep saving though! I hope the Cruiser is still running well for you :) I hope you've tried some new things and hopefully been able to take a vacation. At least one. I hope you have realized that you are blessed and you are pretty....I can't say beautiful, but you are definitely pretty. I hope you've been able to see yourself that way.

Wow, so I realize that's a lot to expect! I just want the best for you. I hope I haven't let you down. All in all I want happiness for you. I hope your days of hurting are over and you won't have to experience that again. Good luck girly!!!

xoxoxo, love you,
Past Me


Sarah said...

i've been doing the ex-facebook/myspace checking too, but i've gotten better about it. as soon as i feel the urge i get away from the computer. i don't want to get back with him, but damn it's tempting to look.

Anna said...

i used to "falk" [you know, facebook stalk, well i don't think you were by any means] but i def. used to falk a lot and it was toooo hard. so i up & deleted approx 300 people. [i didn't falk 300 people, but i decided to do a clean up...]it was hard, but my heart began to beat normally again.

ok, im totally rambling. i'll stop now.

Pickle said...

Thanks ladies, for letting me know I'm not alone. It helps.

So, I'm gonna take advice from both of you. First, I'll try just getting away from the computer, and if that doesn't work, welp, guess some people are just going to have to be deleted. Because at the end of the day, I'm more important then their virtual friendship, right? Right.

Thanks again ladies! :)