April 29, 2009

Free time = trouble

Fortunately for me there was an unfortunate water main break yesterday right by my building in the city in which I work. I got the call to turn around and go home when I was just halfway there. Our building was shutting down. It was a glorious day so needless to say I was pretty pumped for an unexpected day off. This white girl could use some sun and by a stroke of luck I scored a pretty sweet patch of afternoon sunlight right on my very own balcony. Visions of my beach chair, a glass of iced tea, a book and the pooch immediately flooded my mind. Ah.

How sweet it would be if these things could be planned though. I had gone to a baseball game after work the night before and stayed out pretty late. Sure would've been nice to sleep in. The game in itself was fabulous. I'm not a big baseball fan per say. Never do I catch a game on TV. But being there, the environment and all things-baseball related, I adore. Monday's game was picture perfect. Glorious weather, a hot dog and a beer, some peanuts, and front row seats at the third base line. No better way to watch a game...even if our team did lose.

In a perfect world the universe would have alerted me to my day off just prior to the moment I set my alarm to wake up the next morning. Oh well, we may not be able to have it all but I did have the day off and there are certain perks to having my butt up early and out the door before 9am. This girl can't nap so I was up. Period. Plenty of time to get things done.

Or plenty of free time to get myself into trouble?

First things first, I went home and changed then high-tailed it to the gym. During the day is my favorite time to hit up the gym...there's hardly anyone there. I had a great workout then went next door to Trader Joe's for some groceries including sushi for lunch. Love TJ's. Love.

So I went home and did a bunch of stuff around the apartment before making my fantasy into a reality by putting on my bathing suit and laying out in the afternoon sun with my book. Then, my phone rings. Adult crush.

Adult crush who I've talked to here and there since the ESP visit. Adult crush who had his first day at the police academy that day, also in the city, also let out early. What to do with our newly found free time? Well, it.

Yes, it. He came over and we stopped being friends who hung out and chatted. It had been 7 months since that had gone down between us. Yes, we've kissed since then but that's it. I'm not sure why it happened but I know that the second I told him he could come over, I knew it was going to.

I have no feelings of regret (yet). And maybe it's because the worst is over and I'm not looking for anything more from him. I have a very "whatever" attitude about it all. I'm single! Maybe it was the warm summer-like air. Or maybe, just maybe, this girl can't afford to have any unexpected day offs that equal free time to misbehave. Sure was fun though....

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