January 14, 2009

Double the pleasure

I am currently overflowing with excitement. I am fighting the urge to put exclamation points after all of my sentences (because it's just annoying and feels like the writer is screaming at you). I just wanna jump up and down and shriek! (Let me have one).

Professionally, I'm movin' on up. Just had an awesome, low-key coffee meeting with the managing director of my agency; i.e. the big guy, to discuss my "professional development." It was actually part 2 of a discussion we had before the holiday. He is awesome. I'm so excited to learn more and gain more marketable skills. Not to mention, it's great to hear positive feedback from anyone, not to mention, management. Hell yes!

Personally, I have date number 2 with the fireman tonight. He called me last night. (Perfect timing if you ask me. Our last date was Sunday then he worked 7am-7am Mon to yesterday). I was in the gym so I called him after I was finished. We had a good little convo. I slipped in there that I didn't think the Sat wedding would work out. He was totally cool about it which I was sure he would be. I have a super busy weekend ahead of me, so he asked me out to dinner for tonight.

Is it possible that the love life and the professional life can BOTH be going well at the same time?! I thought that was completely unheard of!

Ah well, early days, early days. But exciting nonetheless!

P.S. I apologize for how many times I just said "awesome" and the use of exclamation points. Trust me, I toned it down as much as I could.

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