January 11, 2009

Ask and you shall receive

Well, sorta.

I sort of have a date with a new boy tonight. I'm hesitant to document this because the whole thing has the potential to be extremely awkward, embarrassing, and ego-bashing. The deal is, we're supposed to meet at 7:30pm at a restaurant. The catch is that we're not supposed to talk/text all day today. I met him last night, and we're just supposed to show up today. Or, not show up of course.

This guy is a friend of my friend's boyfriend. I met him last Saturday when a group of us went out to watch the NFL Playoffs. He's a fireman. Of course, last night was the same and he came again. Apparently, the fireman has been smitten with me since we met last Saturday. We barely talked besides being introduced. Yesterday we talked a lot. We exchanged numbers but are not supposed to talk, just meet.

So like I said, this has the potential to be totally awkward. 1. One of us might not show up. 2. He is friends with my friend's boyfriend so there are ties. 3. Well, those two are enough aren't they?

So I'm going to show up. He says it'll be awesome. I said unless one of us doesn't show. Not gonna lie, I'm slightly intrigued. Unless of course, he doesn't show. Then I'll hate him forever for making me feel like shit.

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