May 15, 2009

Stars align?

I love the house I grew up in. I lived there for 17 years before my parents moved and every memory of my childhood occured within those walls, among those trees, around that neighborhood. I had a great childhood, needless to say. I still, still to this day, am disappointed that my parents ever sold that house and moved. It broke my heart then and still pinches it a wee bit today. I've always said that if it went on the market, I’d buy it (somehow). The current owners were at my old neighbor's wedding and I even told them let me know if they ever plan to sell. Well, that day has officially arrived.

I discovered last night that the house I grew up in just went on the market. As in this week. I had no idea it would happen seemingly so soon (though it has in fact been 10 years). I did not find out because the owners contacted me. I found out because the guy who has been in my life on and off for 13 years is house shopping and came across this gem. He knows how much I love that house (he knew me when I lived there) and how much I would love to own it.

So he wanted to let me know that today he was going to look into purchasing it in the hopes that I would live there with him and finally just settle down with him. This guy is a no nonsense guy so I know he’s doing it. Sure enough, I looked up the address myself this morning and there it was. For Sale.

In a strange way, or maybe an obvious way I’m not sure yet, I find it kind of romantic. I seem to be contemplating it.

Theeen the old me steps in and freaks the eff out. I’m just so intrigued to see how this unfolds…

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