March 28, 2009

Weekend pleasantries

I mentioned once before that I've recently found fun in the un-fun and today is no different. Despite the dreary weather, I've been having a lovely Saturday and plan to have an even better Saturday night...maybe even get into a little trouble. I'm just sayin'...

I went to get my nails done today. It's been so long since I've done that. I get that the economy is in the crapper and now is the time I should be cutting out this type of frivolous spending but that $30 has made me feel fabulous. I'm a nail-biter and try as I might, I can't get these stubs to grow before they're attacked. It wasn't until Thursday at work when a co-worker told me he was surprised I didn't have long nails; that I look like the type that would have longer nails. My other co-worker (and friend so it's okay) chimed in with, "Yea, not mechanic hands." Well that sealed the deal. Time to visit the salon. It's the end of winter, hands are dry, cuticles disgusting, it was warranted.

I then went to the grocery store and stocked up on lots of healthy, fresh foods. Salmon filets, fruits, veggies, and the yummy avocado you see pictured (aka my addiction).

So despite the rain I'm going to take the pup for a walk before putting in a load of laundry, drinking some tea, and then scanning my closet for tonight's outfit. I have two new tops that have yet to be worn out so it shouldn't be tough. Tonight the plan is simply to go out with a girlfriend, maybe two or three. I'm feeling good about it.

Netflix movie of the week is Secret Life of Bees so I plan on spending my Sunday relaxing and watching that.

All of the above may sound incredibly lame and boring but they bring this girl pure bliss. It's the little things.

p.s. I'm consciously choosing to not mention the negative things that continue to try to jump into the forefront of my brain while I continue to push them to the back:

-I would have love to do/have done all of the above things with someone. I am slightly lonely and ready for a plus one.

-Yesterday was The Ex's sister's wedding. I wasn't there. She was (and I'm not referring to his sister). The reception was right across the street from where I live.

-I'm pretty sure the adult crush has got to be moving out this weekend. He said he needed to be out by the 31st (Tues). I haven't heard from him and refuse to call him but can't stop thinking about the fact that this could be it.

p.p.s (I never know if it's supposed to be p.p.s or p.s.s) I did not and will not be calling the fireman to "explain" myself. I thought about it. There's nothing I hate more than someone having an incorrect view regarding me. Although I'm not interested in him, I did not however say that he didn't try hard enough. Everyone around us (his friends and mine) go on record having said that and for some reason it was put into my mouth. Insert bad guy. Moi. But, I decided that letting it go would serve me much better. For one, the more I think about it the more pissed I am that he thinks I actually owe him an explanation, and two, calling him and discussing it would force me to have to be honest, therefore only fanning the he-said she-said fire. Subject closed.


Edi Retnati said...

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Light and Writing said...

Love reading this! Sounds like an awesome weekend, although I think I may be lame. Oh well. That really stinks about the ex! I'll have to go back and read some to catch up! Thanks for visiting me!