March 27, 2009

New layout

So I found a new layout today. I googled. I like it, except for one small (but very important) thing. The date of the post won't show up. I can't figure out how to change it. The "undefined, undefined, undefined" is driving me nuts. What's a girl to do? So if anyone can provide any insight, comments are welcomed.

In the meantime, remind me to add "tech savvy" to my future boyfriend list (which apparently I've just started). Now that I think about it, a future boyfriend characteristic list is not a bad idea considering I've decided today that I am officially raising my standards.

So as I add characteristics to my FBL (future boyfriend list), I'll update the list totally random-like. Oooh, nothing I like more than a new list!

  • tech savvy (not a must, but def a plus)
Side note: with this new layout comes a "labels" section and what is at the top of my label list? As in, what do I blog about most? Right up there with dating (for obvious reasons). Adult crush. 31 posts. Damn it. 32. Hmph.

1 comment:

E.S. Wynn said...

Haha, you sound like me, but there's something to be said for simplicity. The design you've got looks great!