December 23, 2008


I have followers! Yipee! Thank you for following, followers. Now I feel pretty guilty for having neglected this blog for so long. WOMP.

I promise to remind myself to attempt to update. Specifically over the holiday where I will have no excuse not to. Half-day of work tomorrow + no work again until Jan 5th = lots of free time to blog.

In the meantime...sneak peek:

The drink date with the new boy went well. Second date the following Monday - not so well. To make a long story short, dinner and possible movie turned into movie at my place. Lame. Yes, I realize the economy blows, it's the holidays and money is scarce. But come on. He's attempted numerous "movie nights" since and a "let's meet up out." Seriously? What's with the laziness of some guys?! We're not falling into movies and cuddling until we've gone on a few dates, bud. No kissing, no nada so at least that's in tact. I don't care, I'm being picky and hard on the next guy. If you can't stick it out, see ya!

(I feel a lil' better now).

Tonight, exchanging gifts with a good friend. Can't wait!

Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!


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