November 3, 2008

Tell me you love me...

Are these five words grouped together some sort of new phenomenon among men? Is saying this to girls all the rage? Or perhaps, is it just the guys that I entertain?

As The Ex said these words to me this weekend before we got off the phone, "Tell me you love me" I realized that was it. It's final. Every guy is saying these words to me. Granted, I was with The Ex for 5+ years and said those words to him more times than I could count with incredible feeling behind it. But he had never said those words to me. "Tell me you love me."

When Jimmy first said it me I was in a compromising position. A position where it would be considered bad form to start rattling off questions and insecurities regarding those words. After a slight stumble, I just went with it. Eff it. He knew it wasn't true. Come on. Throughout our dating time he continued to say that to me while on the phone, together, whatever. I chalked it up to his age and immaturity. Even Ken said that to me at one point. Hinting around the "L" word.

Guy friends of mine say it to me all the time. I flat out tell my guy friends that I love them. I have one guy friend who says I love you every time we hang up. I'm okay with it.

But "Tell me you love me" from guys I've been or are involved with seems to be a pattern. Is this normal? Aren't guys typically supposed to be the ones who avoid that word like the plague? Has anyone else noticed this odd phenomenon or is it really just me?

Regardless, I don't like it. I don't like being told to express a feeling and I'm too nice to say no. After a couple stalling, "What? No! You're an idiot! Why's" I give in and say it. And it always sounds awful coming out of my mouth. I hear myself and cringe. Then they say, I love you too. Or Jimmy's priceless, "No you don't, you liar!" Well, duh. I fought sayin' the three little words tooth and nail before only saying them because you told me to. If you want the truth then wait for me to give it up willingly.


♥RB said...

I too have noticed a trend and on top of that in such strange moments...and it's never because they love me.

Pickle said...

Exactly! It never seems to feel like it's because they do. What the hell?! Glad I'm not alone :)