November 4, 2008

I'll probably follow my own lead and be an idiot

Because after weeks, heck, over a month of the Jimmy (who I'd rather simply refer to as the adult crush), and I being friends legitimately and myself saying over and over that I like it that way (even if I do admit to still slightly crushing on him, outwardly we've been nothing but friends), he called me today in an attempt to be more than just friends. Not in so many words but I know what he's eluding to.

I did drunk call him Saturday night. And then called back with a lame excuse to come pick up my Dark Night DVD. Like I needed it at 2am. I just wanted to see him because I was tipsy. Nothing happened. I didn't want anything to happen. I just was tipsy and wanted to see him. I always call him when I'm drunk. He's who I want to talk to. He always entertains my silliness and talks to me on my ride home. I think he likes it just as much as I do.

He came by yesterday to borrow an iPod attachment from me. He's so freaking cute.

Today he asked if he could come over after his game and talk, maybe cuddle a little.

I'm such an asshole because I'm thinking about it. Jeez. Sheesh. Ugh!

I keep telling myself that his lease is up in 4 measly months and he's going to move. I know that once he moves I'll never see him again. I'm pretty darn sure of it. So what's the problem in entertaining seeing him here and there for the next 4 months. We've been friends for a while. I'd like to keep the friendship there and not go any further.

We'll see.

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