October 18, 2008

Fab fall

Days like today make me want to go buy pumpkins and apple cider. Hang out at a pumpkin patch and drink hot chocolate. Then I remember that I live in an apartment and it doesn't make much sense to have pumpkins. Yes, I could put them on my balcony but it's just not the same effect I'm going for. I want to pick up the colorful leaves I see lying around but what will I do with them? I know they'll just wind up in the trash. Anyway, I love this weather. And I love that it's Saturday and I can enjoy it.

Tonight I'm heading to a haunted house with a bunch of friends and I'm super excited. My best girlfriend and I have been going to haunted houses a couple weeks before Halloween for the past 10 years. We bring whatever guy we're dating at the time. The Ex is coming tonight. It's a great tradition. Sometimes we'll just drive up north until we find one. Tonight, we're going to one I saw featured on the Travel Channel. That's right, the Travel Channel, as one of the scariest haunted houses and it's only an hour away. I'm pumped.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday. I'm going to run a couple miles. Training for the Turkey Trot 5K. My first official attempt at running and organized race. :)

Eff it, I'm going to buy some apple cider. And maybe a little gord or two.

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