August 10, 2009

Crunch time

It has finally hit me.

This week is officially my last week in my apartment. More importantly, this is my last week living alone. Time to say goodbye to my quiet, calm routine. No more just me and the pups.

Oh my gosh…it’s all really settling in.

Can’t deny the fact that I’m freaking out just a wee bit over the loss of all my precious “me” time. I realize I’m gaining a lot in the trade and I still will have time to myself. It’s just the changes that will occur with going from having lived alone for 3 years to living with someone, (and that someone being a guy) makes me slightly nervous.

Breathe Laura. Just breathe.

In honor of this revelation, I've done what I do best. That's right, I've created a list.

Things that will not change just because I am moving in with my boyfriend and quite possibly fear his judgment:

  • Eating cereal at night and sometimes for dinner. And not just any cereal, sugary, bad-for-me cereal like my favs: Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cocoa Pebbles and Honey Nut Cheerios.
  • Watching cheesy movies on ABC Family on the weekends.
  • Having a window near me slightly open even though the air conditioning is on just because I like to feel a natural breeze.
  • Singing to the dogs. Most of which are songs I’ve made up.
  • Stopping at Target on the way home from work at least 2-3 times a week because I “need” something. I just do!
  • Listening to my “All time FAViPod mix which consists of embarrassing songs from the 80s, some Disney tunes and a lot of Dirty Dancing and Grease tracks.
  • Macaroni and Cheese and chicken fingers for dinner on nights I’m lazy and just want to eat what I want to eat.
  • Running in the AM - no boy will keep me in bed! (OK, sometimes).
  • Taking the dogs on daily walks even though I now would have the luxury of a fenced in yard. They need their walks.
  • Popping in old Sex and The City episodes and sometimes the movie whenever I see fit.
  • Listening to old school hip hop and ghetto rap while I get ready to go out. And if I’m being honest, dancing a bit in the process.
  • Visiting the library more than any normal person should and at times emailing with my librarian.
  • Having the TV on mute while I read on the couch and sometimes have my iPod playing. Just because I can.
  • And finally, not because he’ll judge me but for me, I do not want to change the amount of time I spend with my girlfriends and on things I do for myself. May sound easy but it’s always been my biggest obstacle. In the past I’ve allowed boyfriends to become my whole world. Now, I’d like him to be a large part of it and keep my other parts in tact.

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